Rachel and Steve Wedding Day Sunset Photo

Rachel & Steve – Wedding Day 2021

I bought a Fiesta ST and steve was running a fiesta group. He organised a rolling road day to which I attended. Got talking, then had a car meet down old Weston-super-Mare to which I ended up standing next to the donkey rides here sign…. Steve jumped on my back and it was love from there lol!

We booked the wedding in 2018 to get married 27 sept 2020 to which covid then pushed it to 10th October 2021. Nothing really happened. I just know I waited a long time for Steve to get down on 1 knee lol! So as soon as he did wedding planning was in full swing!

I wasn’t goiing to wait another 8 years to get married! Lol. The cars. A huge passion of ours to which we met through, we both run the South West STOC group so we wanted them to be a part of our special day! I even bought the focus special edition to match the wedding! Ha ha

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