Kayleigh Luke Turk Wedding Day Coombe Lodge


Kayleigh Luke Turk Wedding Day Coombe Lodge
Kayleigh Luke Turk Wedding Day Coombe Lodge

How did the wedding planning go?

Smooth. All left down to the venue. They communicated well. Don’t stress about not hearing anything until closer to the time. Once you are booked and deposits paid you’re fine.

Instagram for local companies.

Go to wedding shows to meet suppliers. Ask venue for a list of recommended suppliers. Did you come across any issues that you needed to sort? Changes to guests. Covid or babies. Venue great at making last minute changes.

Why did you choose Coombe Lodge as your venue?

Went to a friend’s parents wedding there and thought it was beautiful. Booked a viewing they were so accommodating, cups of tea, fresh brownies, relaxed and organised. Loved that our immediate family could all stay together in the same place. Views over the lake. Beautiful setting. Style of a country manor house. Grand and timeless.

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Start with the venue and everything else will fall into place. Get a good photographer that knows the venue well to get the best shots.

How long have you and Luke been together and how did you meet?

10 years together. Met through friends. On 28th October 2019 we flew to Milan to start our whistle stop tour around Northern Italy. When Luke suggested we visit Verona I had joked that he would get down on one knee under Juliet’s balcony in some out of character, grand, romantic gesture. We both love Italy and it just seemed the perfect place for Luke to pop the question so when Luke’s bag set off the alarm at customs I couldn’t help but stick my nose in to look for a little black box. The whole contents of his bag was pulled out in front of me. No little black box. Nothing. Nada. Niente. It was fair to say, I was disappointed. We spent the day in Milan, on a stadium tour of San Siro, home ground of AC and Inter Milan, before taking the train to Lake Como. We stayed in a little hotel not far from the edge of the lake where the next day we sat, ate pasta and drank Moretti. Perfect. Another train journey took us to Verona. Our hotel was right next to the train station so we dumped our bags and went to explore Verona by night. The Arena in the main square was lit with purple lights. It was actually very romantic but I moaned that my phone camera just didn’t do it justice. Whilst I tried to get a good shot Luke climbed the stairs to Palazzo Barieri (a palace next to The Arena that now serves as the Town Hall) and told me it was a good view from there. I was frustrated with my rubbish camera so told him to take a picture on his phone from up there. He insisted that I join him, I huffed and puffed and joined him on the top step where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was completely caught by surprise. There was no ring in his bag? How was this happening? I thought I’d cry, want to ring my mum, shout from the roof tops, it was a moment I’d wanted for so so long… but it was just quiet and personal as I stood with my hands over my face in shock (until Luke told me to hurry up and answer because there were people coming).