Photography Awards 2022

The Societes of Wedding and Portrait Photographers is a uk based International Societe for photographers. Each year there’s a large convention in London lasting 4 days, here you can attend and learn, study, spend time with photographers and ask many questions. A trade show and a 20×16 best of print competition organised.

This is where you can enter an image up to the size of 20×16 inches and they will be independently judged by 5 judges. 80/100 is classed as a merit/international print award. For any Professional Photographer this annual awards event is a big thing. The images hang in the Hotel with many others so all can see them throughout the show.

Needless to say I am over the moon to have come away with 4 merits and 2 in the finals. I won both my best photography categories beating 100’s of applicants.

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