Wedding Photography Trainer Lee Hatherall

Wedding Photography Training by Multi-Award Winner Lee Hatherall

Lee has been a photographer for 30+ years and 17 of those have been shooting weddings in the UK and around the world. Over the years Lee has built up a fantastic reputation in the buisness.

Lee is a multi-award winning wedding photographer that covers the UK and with his experience he can really help new or struggling photographers with tips, tricks and methods that work. Lee offers different ways of training so pop him a message to say "hi" and see what he can offer you. Lee can help you from starting up a photography business to problem solving pre or post-wedding, editing photos to perfect planning for the big day.

Pre-Wedding Planning

Photography Equipment and Preparation

Training by a Multi-Award Winning Photographer

Post Wedding tips, tricks and award winning methods

SWPP Ambassador

Guild of Photographers Ambassador

Wedding Photographer Somerset
Best Moments Wedding Photographer
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Photographer for Weddings UK
Wedding Photographer Cornwall
Award Winning Wedding Photographer

What you will learn

Wedding Photography Skills

Wedding Photography Skills from a Multi-Award Winning Photographer. 30+ years of in-depth knowledge in preparation, concepts and winning ideas.

Pre-Wedding Planning

Wedding Photography preparation before the big day. Wedding Location, Weather, Travel, Venue abilities, Camera equipment and much more.

Post Wedding Presentations

Getting the most out of your Wedding Photos prior to presentation to the Newlyweds. Wedding Albums, Digital on-line presenting to print formats.

Photography Editing

Optimise your Wedding Photos with Professional guidance, post Wedding Photo editing online and software choices. Colours, backgrounds and much more.

Kick-Start or Re-ignite your Wedding Photography

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